Guns Germs And Steel Chapter Summary Of Blood Diamond

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In this chapter, Diamond examines if humans on one continent had an advantage over others by examining the evolution and spread of humans to other continents. Diamond first examines human origin around 7 million years ago when a population of African apes evolved into some of the earliest humans. This evolutionary process occurred and remained in Africa until around 1.5 million years ago when Homo erectus spread beyond Africa. By about .5 million years ago, human populations had differentiated with Neanderthals in Europe, relatively modern structured humans in Africa, and humans different from both in East Asia. It wasn’t until 50,000 years ago when biologically and behaviorally modern humans ,the Cro-Magnons , appeared did humans advanced from crude stone tools to multipiece tools, sewn clothing, arts, and boats. …show more content…

Consequently, the Great Leap also allowed for the colonization of Australia and nearby islands with watercrafts causing many megafaunas to be hunted to extinction. While the megafauna could have gone extinct due to a severe drought, Diamond finds it unlikely for creatures that survived previous droughts to die ,soon after the arrival of humans , in all

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