Gustav Mahler: Irony Use Of Popular Style Music

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Brienna Hagood Henry Strings 22.10.15 Gustav Mahler Gustav Mahler was born on the 7th of July of the year, Empire of the Austrian Bohemia, and he died on May 18th, 1911 in Vienna, Austria. He was short, for he was only 5’4. He had a partner named Natalie Bauer-Vechner, from 1890-1902 and then married Alma Mahler in 1902 and remained married until Gustav’s death. He was an Austrian Jewish composer, and conductor noted for his 10 symphonies and various songs, which drew together. His music was widely ignored 50 years after his death. He inherited his mothers weak heart and so did his siblings, causing his death. Mahler’s music has tense and rhetorical phenomenally vivid, and included ironic use of popular style music. Which resulted in three

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