Gustave Flaubert Research Paper

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Born on December 12 1821 in Rouen, Region of France Gustave Flaubert was born to Achille Cléophas Flaubert and his mother Anne Justine were very well respected people Flaubert’s father “was a well respected chief surgeon and his mother was a doctor’s daughter belonged to a family of distinguished magistrates typical of the great provincial bourgeoisie” (Barzun). “Flaubert was in poor health for most of his childhood and was not expected to live to adulthood”(Grade Saver). Flaubert’s “younger sister Caroline was also very sick as a child and she died in childbirth at age twenty-one”(Grade Saver). “Despite her early death she greatly affected Flaubert and was a strong feminine influence on him”(Grade Saver). That being said we can establish that The life events of Gustave Flaubert were reflected in his works.…show more content…
“His first published work appearing in a little review, Le Colibri (1837)”(Barzun). He goes further into “vivid description of his life at College Royal de Rouen in his writing Memoris d’un Fou(1838)”(Grade Saver). “In 1841 Flaubert was enrolled as a student at the faculty of law in Paris.. However at age twenty-two he was recognized to be suffering from a nerve disease that was taken to be epilepsy”(Barzun). As he got older “Flaubert grew more philosophical in his work and began to develop more direct commentary on social interjections while learning more about the class conflicts of French society”(Grade Saver). “One such learning experience occurred in 1836 when the young Flaubert attended a fancy ball given by the rich Marquis de Pomereu, an event description of the ball that Emma and Charles attend in his novel Madame Bovary”(Grade
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