Gwen Harwood Case Study

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1. Two students began to wrestle in the hallway, and after security broke them up, no one could confirm the affront that caused their unacceptable actions. 2. The blasé director was uninspired after watching all the auditions, yet his high expectations made even the best actors seem unfit for the part. 3. Luke could cajole people to do anything he asked of them by acting sweet and creating empty promises. 4. The choleric player screamed at her teammate after she transitioned to the wrong spot during the play, messing everyone’s positioning up. 5. The dog attempted to chase the intruding birds off the lawn, however, he was encumbered by his leash when he began to run towards them. 6. The feckless six foot eight “power” forward was a waste to his team because he was inconsistent, weak, and refused to put in the effort. 7.…show more content…
The nineteenth amendment broke Americas sexist impasse as it showed women the possibilities they had when they put in the effort and fight for what they want. 8. The indolent young man refused to participate in any sport because he preferred to spend his time laying on the couch playing video games. 9. The lugubrious student looked exhausted, yet he trudged through the day only thinking of the nap he was going to take when he got home. 10. The teacher called the little boy’s parents after his ribald comment, even though he did not understand the meaning of what he
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