Gwendolyn Brooks : The Modernist Poet

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Gwendolyn Brooks the Modernist
Gwendolyn Brooks’ poetry discusses real issues that have occur in the nineteenth century and twentieth century. Also, she wrote poetry differently than it is consistently written. As a matter of fact, Brooks is a modernist poet which means she was a part of the modernism period. The modernism is a time period where writers like Brooks would use ideas and methods to write literature variously than it was ordinarily written in that time. Therefore, Gwendolyn’s poetry affiliates with modernism because she used European and African American traditions to discuss about feminism, racial injustice, intraracial gang violence, and interracial violence that were happening in the world.
In light of, being an African American woman Brooks wrote her poetry using European and African American traditions. After all, this was totally divergent from what people were used to in that time period. Especially, coming from an African American woman. Also, Brooks attend four school while growing up, and these schools helped Brooks form a profound insight on racial acts that she emulated in her poetry. Not to mention, Brooks had the honor to meet Langston Hughes, and James Weldon Johnson who inspired her to write modern poetry. Brooks won varies awards for her modern poetry that dealt with real issues. Brooks’ readers can tell by the way she spoke that she was very for equality of the race, genders, and classes.
Brooks’ states, “We are each other 's magnitude and
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