HAT 205 Food and Beverage Management: Proposal to Improve New Dining Experience

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Refurbishment and recent changes to licensing law: A new hotel menu and bar tariff Abstract This paper suggests items for a proposed new menu to improve the dining experience at a five-star hotel in light of changes in regulations. Luxury must be balanced with comfort so that consumer's expectations are satisfied. Hotels face unique challenges, given that consumers expect an inviting atmosphere, yet still desire high quality and luxury, given the price of the service of patronizing the hotel. Patrons want a 'special' experience. They simultaneously wish to be catered to, as well as made to feel at home. As a five-star city-based hotel, our enterprise has certain built-in advantages which we must seek to capitalize upon in the future. First and foremost, we have a built-in customer base of travelers, who will likely select our restaurant simply for convenience's sake, as they are in a strange city and wish to remain within the hotel. Secondly, our consumers are high-end diners, who seek luxury and quality, rather than are budget-sensitive. Despite the shakiness of the economy, luxury sales are often the least impacted of all demographic markets during economic downturns. According to the New York Times, post-recession, "luxury goods stores, which fared much worse than other retailers in the recession, are more than recovering they are zooming. Many high-end businesses are even able to mark up, rather than discount, items to attract customers who equate quality

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