Habakkuk Analysis

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Habakkuk is a prophet of Judah during the reign of King Josiah. He is considered a professional prophet because little is known about his background or education. He gives us an oracle (1:1) by what he sees rather than the word he received from the Lord. His oracle begins with an internal monologue stating the issues he sees in his society. He sees that destruction is inevitable, yet holds to the belief that Judah can’t die. This nation belongs to God. In the midst of his observations regarding the rampant violence and injustice, he questions why God is silent. The evil he sees is not only from the outside, but what has become of his nation within(1:3). King Josiah’s edicts were considered to be turning the nation back to the Torah to restore the traditional Jewish cult. In the end, these reforms would not last. Josiah would lead his nation to war against the Egyptian Pharaoh Necho in battle and die along with many of countrymen resulting in Judah becoming a vassal state of Egypt. Habakkuk will make an interesting observation regarding the way people follow rulers. In chapter 1:14, he says that God made people like the fish of the sea, like crawling things that have no ruler. Habakkuk seems to be blaming God for making us social creatures that want to follow rulers. He
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The work of their hands has made them independent of God and they have become satiated by their lust for more. They keep empting their net only to fill it up in order to only fill them again (1:17). The Lord speaks to these people in 2:4 by stating that ‘their spirit is not right within them’ and their wealth is treacherous. Treacherous people with wealth become insecure and must protect their wealth by creating more wealth. They see people in light of how they may use them to their gain. In the end, the Lord says they do not endure
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