Habit 1 Research Paper

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7 highly effective teens

One of the highly effective habits that I follow is Habit 1 Be Proactive. Some examples that I do to show I'm proactive are, I'm a responsible person, I care about my work, I always keep it neat and organized and I hand in my work on time without excuses. I do something without being asked such as, if a teacher is talking to another teacher and everyone is being loud and talking, I do something quietly until the teacher comes back. I'm constantly in a good mood, I have a good attitude towards everyone and I have good manners for instances, if someone is talking I respectfully listen without interrupting. The last thing I follow in habit 1 is that I don't blame others, if I did something wrong, I will admit that I did it, it was an accident and apologize for my mistake. …show more content…

The one thing that I need to improve on in this section is that I'm the slacker. I'm not a lazy person, I do my homework all the time. But, one problem that I do a lot is that I go the malls almost every weekend, which is not good because I need to start saving money and minimize the shopping. Other than going to the malls a lot, I follow everything on the list. I always put important things first like school is number 1, if I don't finish my work before going out, I will be thinking about it and I will not be able to have fun. So I like to finish my work, then have

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