Greek God Hades Research Paper

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In Greek mythology Hades is the god of the Underworld. He is part of the first olympians. He was in his father Cronus stomach until Zeus tricked him and freed his brothers and sisters. Once they were free they needed to wage war on Cronus, but they needed the backing and support from some other creatures to help fight the war. So the went to Tartarus the Greek equivalent of hell. When they were the set the Cyclopes free, in return the Zeus, Poseidon, and Hades all got magical items. Hades got a magical helmet that made him turn invisible. This would help in the war with Cronus and the Titans. Cronus was finally defeated when Hades got the jump on Cronus with his magic helmet and poseidon pinned him down with his trident. The Zeus gave the final blow with his lightning bolt to end it. (Parada)
Then the 3 brothers drew for who would rule the Sky, Sea, and The Underworld. Hades got Tartarus. The other gods thought this was a good fit for him because he was quiet and was mysterious among the other gods. (Atsma) So Hades had the power over death and ruled the dead. His job was to guard Tartarus from any living soul entering and dead souls escaping. To help with this Hades had his three headed dog Cerberus that guarded the entrance. Although in Greek mythology there are many stories of the living entering Hades Realm. Then the only other way to enter was to give the ferryman (A man that took the dead to Tartarus) a gold coin that took the dead across the river Styx to

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