Hades Underworld

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Victoria White

Mr. Balistreri

English 1

24 February 2017

Hades: King of the Underworld

Around 1100 BC Greek and Roman people began telling myths and stories about Heroes and gods/goddesses. This was the beginning of Greek Mythology. At first people were told stories about Heroes and Gods so that they would have someone to believe in and worship. Then Greek Mythology became a way of teaching lessons to everyone and explaining natural phenomena. One of the gods that was created out of these myths was Hades. Hades has been called the King of the Underworld and the Greek God of the Dead. Hades was a very interesting god that, unlike other gods of the time, was not worshipped but rather feared.

Hades was the second oldest child
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The underworld was hidden deep in the Earth. The layout of the underworld was a section that is surrounded by 5 rivers. The river of woe, the river of lamentation, the river of fire, the river of unbreakable oath, and the river of forgetfulness. The entrance was a diamond gate that had a three headed dog, Cerberus, guarding it. In the middle of the kingdom Hades created a large castle that was filled with lots of people. Hades made a ferry at the beginning of the river of woes which was manned by Hermes and he would then take the souls of those that have died across the river to the…show more content…
He learned to like the underworld better than being with living people on Earth. One story has Achilles so upset about being in the underworld and had so much hate toward Hades that is said “I would rather be alive and toiling as serf to another man, one with no land and nothing much to live on, than be king over all the perished dead” (March 176). Another example of what the people thought of Hades was a Queen, Alcestis, and she claimed from her deathbed, “Someone is taking me away-don’t you see him?-taking me to the halls of the dead. It is Hades, staring at me from beneath his dark brow! What do you want? Leave me alone! Such as unhappy journey I must make, the most unhappy of women” (Freedman
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