Hair Color In Lime Crime

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Dramatic and mysterious, Lime Crime returns with new hair color that defies the bland and shocks the imagination. Dark and dramatic, the new unicorn colors are made for brunettes. Dark haired beauties have always complained that bleaching their hair to add chemical colors hurts the shine and health of their hair and most box colors that do not require bleaching, tend to appear muddy and lackluster once applied. Fear no more Brunettes, Lime Crime has done it again with yet another new and innovative out of the box color. No harsh chemicals, no bleaching, dramatic look for the mysterious, dark unicorns. Four new colors have been released by Lime Crime aimed at making Brunette beauties into magical creatures with a flip of their hair, and promise that all their products (including the newest) remain 100% vegan and cruelty-free. …show more content…

Natural tones and neutral colors to make it look as if you are not wearing any makeup at all may be fine for some, but for others, the more dramatic the better. Sadly, the dramatic colors were lacking in the beauty department. That's where Doe stepped in to offer colors so vibrant for hair, lips, and eyes, that she created a glitter rainbow of never before seen palettes for anyone to express themselves the way they feel. With so many hair colors and makeup styles to choose from, Lime Crime offers an endless array of style and beauty for those who live outside the box. Being Vegan-friendly, there is a diamond lip crusher or unicorn magic hair color for literally everyone. Visit to see all that Doe Deere's products have to offer. Let your imaginations run wild, let your creativity shine, be who you are and be proud. That's the Lime Crime

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