Gothic Elements In Halloween

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John Carpenter’s Halloween is an example of what a great film composer can achieve with any budget. When it comes to film genres, Halloween has to be one of the greatest examples of what a horror movie is. Throughout the film, many of the story elements can easily be seen contributing to the idea of what makes a film fit in the horror genre. There are many horror films that stray quite far from the basic idea of what a horror film usually is; however, Halloween is a great example of classic horror. Typically, horror films have a set of basic guidelines or expectations that can be seen portrayed; such examples of what is to be expected in a horror film would be the presentation of a ‘monster’ or something that violates the natural world in a perverse way, something that is unknown, or that a monster is unintentionally unleashed, and the film takes place in creepy setting or suburban neighborhood/summer camp (slasher sub-genre). In Halloween, Carpenter brilliantly matched his film to the genre guidelines of horror. The variety of ways he did this can be seen in the presence of an unknown being which extends human knowledge, introduce the killer into the story by an accidental release from a facility, and depict the sub-genre horror being a slasher film. Throughout the film, the killer (Michael Myers) haunts Laura and her friends. Michael displays traits of a supernatural being. This follows the guidelines of the ‘monster’ or object of horror crossing the line what is known

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