Hallway Walkers Research

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A student can classify hallway walkers into three groups: the Lovebirds, Popular Pablo, and Slow Sally. The first hallway walker is the love birds. They are one of the walker that must be avoided on way to class. Although they walk at a moderate pace it is very difficult to get around them. They usually walk slower than a normal person in the halls since they are with their significant other. That being said they usually always take up the majority of the hallway. They either stand in the path of where people walk or have to attached by the hip while walking together. It is hard to maneuver throughout the stairwells because they will be standing at the bottom waiting for their significant other. They will never be seen not holding hands or kissing at 8 a.m. The second hallway walker is the Popular Pablo. He come close to the worst ones to face. They walk at a normal pace so being behind them isn’t awful. The problem with the Popular Pablo is, that he is popular. Pablo and his friends are always taking up the whole hallway in a huddle talking together. The best advice is to avoid the third staircase!! Making it to class on time will never happen if the third staircase is the student's path to class. He always has to scream and high five his…show more content…
She is the absolute worst and needs to be avoided at all times. They walk as slow as a snail! Slow Sally doesn’t even reach 2 mph when she is walking to class. In the halls they always have their head down not paying attention to anyone around them. They usually take up the whole hallway because they never walk in a straight line. Slow Sally is the hardest to get around. Once you’re stuck behind her you will be there for a while. She can never pick what side of the hallway she wants to walk on. The best way to get around them is to wait for the other side of the hallway to clear up a little and hurry to go around them. Try and be quick about it or being late to class may be an
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