Beautiful Is Good Effect Essay

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As human beings, we are predisposed to mostly fabricate instant judgements about one another. Our ability to attempt to make distinctions between friend or foe of another human being may possibly be traced back to our early days walking this Earth. Moreover, our superior than thou minds are almost naturally wired to deduce certain attributions that may be utilized to label others of our species. It can almost be inferred that our intricate brains are constantly in motion to perceive others based on our own biases. In the field of Psychological Science, most researchers identified this manifestation as the What is Beautiful is Good Effect. To be more precise, most researchers try to engage and analysis an element of this they listed …show more content…

Nisbett and Timothy DeCamp Wilson (1977) in efforts to add supporting evidence to an ideal similar to the Halo Effect. They staged two interviews with participants where the interview in both was a man that had a distinct accent (Nisbett & Wilson,1977). The interviewer in one group was as charming as he could be in his “appearance and mannerisms and accent” (Nisbett & Wilson, 1977). In the other, he was instructed to basically act more strict and harsh to the subjects. The resulting difference in ratings of the interviewer’s personality and other factors by the participants spoke to how people immediately judge someone based on how they presented themselves through multiple characteristics.
Eventually, when it came time for our lab group, supplied by Belmont University, to investigate and analyze a study and its accompanying data, that reflected the core culture of the Halo Effect, we were fairly confident with what we desired to hone in on from the dataset. For, we acknowledged that the Halo Effect can be and is stretched outside the boundaries of a lab setting. For example, there was a study conducted at Tilburg University on the component of materialism and how it portrays itself in our length of life (Jaspers & Pieters, 2016). Equally important to most people’s lives, there was a study that popped up at the University of Granada that researched the “dimensions of sexual behaviors, sexual activities, and sexual

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