Hamilton Music Pros And Cons

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Last year, my AP U.S. History teacher introduced me to Hamilton, and since then, every aspect about the musical has fascinated me—the music, the cast, the history. A perk of attending a performing arts school as a language major is the ability to benefit from having in-depth discussions about the significance of the Election of 1800 in modern politics while simultaneously enthusing over the creative genius of Lin-Manuel Miranda. Even more than that, my personal experience with theatre at Las Vegas Academy has allowed me to better appreciate Hamilton and expand my ability to analyze the work in everything from its music to its portrayals of characters. This analysis only deepened my love for the musical and the real social and historical implications it portrayed. …show more content…

Referencing the historical figures and applying newly acquired knowledge to my social studies and language classes has been one of the most rewarding outcomes. Like the 51 Federalists Papers written by Hamilton were a foundation to our Constitution, this musical has been a bona fide academic resource for me. After listening to the soundtrack on repeat for hours, I walk into my government class excited to make connections between American history and contemporary pop culture. The “Schuyler Sisters” introduced me to studying the social expectations of women in the 1700s in my sociology class the same way the “Cabinet Battles” swayed me into learning about our major court cases and the effects had on modern government. Subsequently, the history behind the songs has been the spark of my fascination for

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