Hamlet And Agamemnon In Hamlet

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The play Hamlet is more tragic than Agamemnon due to a stronger display of all elements of tragedy, dramatic plot and character development, and its ability to gain audience sympathy. Peripeta is used consistently throughout Hamlet as the narrative is full of unexpected plot twists. For instance, after learning of Claudius’s guilt, Hamlet does not act on impulse but rather decides to wait. Shortly after, Hamlet mistakenly murders Polonius which then leads to Ophelia’s suicide. Furthermore, all deaths near the end are also unexpected considering they were all mostly accidental rather than planned. Queen Gertrude accidently drinks Hamlet’s wine while Laertes is cut with his own poison blade. On the contrary, peripeteia is not consistently used in Agamemnon except near the very end. The initial chorus, conflict of Agamemnon’s return and Clytemnestra’s welcoming are not representative of plot twists. However, they do reveal Agamemnon’s past to provide a better context for the audience. Regardless, peripeteia is not appropriately used as Cassandra foreshadows Agamemnon’s and her own demise. The only unexpected plot twist occurs when Clytemnestra stands over Agamemnon’s corpse while Aegisthus confesses that he took part in the murder to avenge his siblings.
Additionally, hamartia occurs frequently throughout Hamlet as the protagonist passes up a few chances to immediately kill Claudius. Some notable mistakes include agreeing to duel with Laertes after killing his father, and also

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