Hamlet By William Shakespeare 's Hamlet

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Humanity in Hamlet
The play Hamlet shows how, Humans are the most complex species on the planet earth. Ever since the history has been keeping records, we have seen how humans reacted under different circumstances. Human feelings are like a ripple effect. Many people are affected by the decisions they make. Humans could be either very cruel or show great compassion and kindness towards each other. The William Shakespeare’s tragedy Hamlet shows how human nature can be greedy, revengeful and cruel. All these sides of human nature are an example of the ripple effect caused by the decisions of an individual.
The theme of greed is seen though the play Hamlet portrayed by different characters under different circumstances. The opposing character of the play is Claudius, all the conflict is caused by him. Throughout the play audience gets aware of how he killed his brother so he can claim the crowned greed of being the new King of Denmark. His blinded by the greed which made him forget the relationship he had with his brother. Claudius “that cannot be; since I am still possess’d. Of those effects for which I did the murder, My crown, mine own ambition, and my queen(Act 3 Scene 3 56-59). In this soliloquy Claudius asks for forgiveness but he comes to notice that he can’t be forgiven because of what he possesses and what he has done. Due to what he possess he struggles to feel sorry for his actions. He sacrificed the happiness of others for his own selfish reasons.
Characters in the

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