Hamlet Love for Ophelia Essay

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Hamlets Love For Ophelia Although the play Hamlet was written nearly 450 years ago by William Shakespeare, scholars still pose the question, “Did Hamlet really love Ophelia?” I believe Hamlet had feelings for Ophelia, but he never demonstrated true love for her. Several times in the play Hamlet denies his love for Ophelia. If he truly loved her, he would not want to hurt her. When Hamlet accidently killed Polonius, he did not try to console Ophelia. If he truly loved her, he would have been at her side to provide comfort in her time of grief. Even at Ophelia’s funeral, he did not profess his love for Ophelia. If he truly loved her, he would have proclaimed his love for her to those present at the funeral. Hamlet’s actions prove that he…show more content…
Not only is he pleased with the fact he has killed Polonius, but he also hides the body so there can be no proper burial for Polonius. If he truly loved Ophelia, he would want to express sorrow for her loss and support her through her grief. The death of Ophelia’s father causes her to go mad and she never recovers from the loss. Ultimately, she drowns in the brook, possibly committing suicide. Hamlet never goes to Ophelia to comfort her even though her actions indicate she is loosing her sanity. He leaves for England, at the urging of Claudius, rather than stay in Denmark where he could have monitored the health of Ophelia. If Hamlet truly loved Ophelia, he would have been there for her in her time of need. In the final act Hamlet is at the graveyard when he learns of Ophelia’s death. He is speaking with a gravedigger when Claudius enters with Gertrude, Laertes, a priest, mourners and a coffin. Hamlet hears Laertes voice and realizes he is speaking of Ophelia and it is her funeral. Hamlet enters the scene and jumps into Ophelia’s grave. Laertes proclaims’ “The devil take thy soul,” and he grapples with Hamlet. It is at this point Hamlet declares his love for Ophelia. “I loved Ophelia. Forty thousand brothers could not with all their quantity of love make up my sum. What wilt thou do for her?” Hamlet only expresses his love for Ophelia after fighting with Laertes. He is trying to out do Laertes with his show of emotion. Even his mother is not
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