Han Dynasty Research Paper

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First, the Han Dynasty was more important to the development of China because it created the idea of a Civil Service Exam. The Han Dynasty readopted the idea of having families rulers after the Qin Dynasty strayed from the tradition; however, they kept the idea of bureaucrats from the Qin Dynasty. They used appointed government officials to oversee the day-to-day work of their government. This lead them to implement the Civil Service Exam. The exam was meant to help chose the bureaucrats for the government. It was a test centered around the ideas of Confucius and how to apply them to everyday life. By making this a normal part of Chinese society, the Han Dynasty was able to extend government official job opportunities to people of all social classes. In addition, because the exam gave these opportunities to all people, all people put more emphasis on…show more content…
Although this was a great accomplishment and is now considered a symbol of China, it actually lead to the fall of the Dynasty. Shi Huang Ti used forced labor to construct the wall. Many of the peasants that were forced to work on the wall died of exhaustion, exposure to the elements, and hunger. This made him very unpopular with the people of China. Also, to keep his building project underway, he was forced to raise taxes. The forced labor, high taxes, and many deaths while The Wall was constructed lead to a number of revolts after Shi Huang Ti’s death and ultimately the fall of the Qin Dynasty. Finally, although the Qin Dynasty may have begun the construction of this Chinese Symbol, the Han Dynasty actually continued building The Wall. This proves that despite the idea that the Qin Dynasty was more influential because of the construction of the Great Wall of China, the Han Dynasty actually was more important to the development of
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