Hank Converse Research Paper

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Hank Converse was born in 1934 in Milford, Massachusetts to Walter Converse and Norine Drew. Hank had an older brother, William Drew, who was born out of wedlock to his mother in 1925. Norine’s mother raised William because of the social stigma. Walter and Norine sired five living children: Walter (Duke), Clinton, Clara, Barbara, and Hank, and three children who died during pregnancy and child birth.
Hanks family, on his Dad’s side, were Irish and fought in the civil war. Being Irish, drinking was a big part of their lives. Walter, Hank’s father, was tough, especially when he drank. The family grew up in extreme poverty. The house was small and without indoor plumbing, they used an outhouse. Cardboard place in shoes covered up the holes.

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