Hannibal Monologue

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I have lost you an unbearable number of times. As many times like scars my chest hides. My heart. I have always known that I would prefer to die than live apart from you. But this time… The call from the Baltimore Hospital came on a Friday morning. Hannibal had been staying as far away as he could from that city, trying to make things right. Trying to keep Will breathing. The number, which he had practically memorized, shined a couple of seconds on the screen of his mobile phone. He finally found the strength to answer the call. ― He's finally awake. Baltimore Hospital Lecter wandered through the hallways of the hospital in a rush, till he found the room that Graham had been occupying the last eight months. He had never entered, …show more content…

― Thirsty… ― Graham's voice sounded tired, hoarse by the lack of use. Hannibal froze when he heard him, even before entering the room. Still holding the door handle, he closed his eyes for a moment just to fight back his tears. With a wide smile on his face, he finally entered the stance. ― Will… ― that was all he managed to say. Trembling with pure happiness, feeling alive once …show more content…

― Who are you? ― Doctor Lecter, could you please wait outside for a moment? We need to check the patient and… ― but Hannibal refused to hear. He didn’t care about a human doctor attempting to understand someone beyond his limits. ― Step aside ― he ordered, getting closer to Will. He caressed his hair, looking at him, ― do you remember anything? But Will shook his head. Who was the tall man caressing him? What the hell was happening? And Hannibal felt his world falling apart. ― Please, if you could stay outside, he’s still confused and… He walked out of the room. Nonetheless, his eyes didn’t stop looking at Will, praying silently that he could remember him after all. Yet he couldn’t. Everything about Will’s existence was lost. And Hannibal was lost as well. For the first time in decades, he wished he could cry. So the pain buried in his chest will disappear. When he came back to the room, Will’s eyes was looking for him desperately. ― ...hi. ― I shall introduce myself, since… ― but Hannibal couldn’t manage to finish the sentence. He remained silent, agony burning inside of him. ― I can’t remember you. ― My name is Hannibal

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