Happiness And Happiness Essay

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In this essay, I will present to you how happiness conflicts with morality by going through a specific scenario where the likes of two concepts are challenged. In addition, I will alternative endings and translations to this scenario by using the perspectives of Aristotelian and Kantian philosophies along with my own. Moreover, the scenario will challenge your perception of happiness and morality. Morality in a superficial sense is a guide for your behavior and happiness can be seen as satisfaction towards yourself or others. Of course, these interpretations aren’t the words of Aristotle or Kant but as you read the scenario it’s important to keep those light definitions in mind.

In this case scenario, I’m in an elevator at a hotel because I’m leaving a party and going home because I felt tired. I’m in this elevator alone and someone joins the elevator as I’m going down to the lobby. As the door opens, it’s a young woman in her early twenties who seems to have been crying by the redness in her eyes. I get a full look at her she’s a pretty girl with some relatively stylish clothing as if she came back from a party as well. But, as I glance at her sleeves I see horizontal cuts on her wrists. At this particular moment in time, I don’t know what to think or to do. I’m a guy who doesn’t like to delve into other people’s lives and not exactly a good Samaritan either so in terms of good deeds, it seems as I wasn’t keen to get them here. So, we’re going doing this elevator and I

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