Happy Endings By Margaret Atwood

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A Real Ending
Happy endings are made for children that can 't handle the harsh reality that is life. For the majority of the readers that can understand this situation, endings are rarely happy and are usually sad, depressing, or just lackluster. Margaret Atwood and her short story Happy Endings point out the truth of stories and show an effective way to write a story at the same time. With the use of imagery, symbolism, and wordplay, Atwood changes the meaning and feeling of her story. As well, as knowing the reader 's point of view Atwood changes the meaning, and the way way the story is read by giving the reader the power to change the story as they like. Alongside that Atwood 's use many different Sections, creates building blocks of …show more content…

With the use of imagery in this way you can get a small insight inside the mind of Mary. Where the decline of positivity in her imagery, shows how even Mary is skeptical of her feelings towards John. A similar feeling happens again in section C, Where the reader doesn 't know what 's going on between John and Mary, except this time mary is using John while madly in love with James. When James and Mary get together “Everything 's becomes very underwater” (Atwood 19). The feeling of being drifted around and going with the flow brings life to the story. Much like the relationship that Mary and James have together, they just hold their breath and hope for the best as the tides bring conflict and excitement into their lives. On the other hand, John who has a stimulating and challenging life, and committed to his wife Madge, felt uncontrollable jealousy and killed not only Mary and James, But also himself. The Reader can gather from the way that Atwood wrote this story, that Mary just wanted to be a free spirit, and John was tired of his mundane life but to scared to change anything. The plot and style of her stories with the combination imagery makes the reader feel attached to the characters and grabs your attention. This is because Atwood adds conflict, drama, and descriptive words that provoke emotion. This is an effective writing technique that can drastically change the way a story is read and the emotion that you get

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