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Middle East History


The conflict in Jerusalem is rooted in religious, political, and historical aspects. As a center for the worlds three major religions, with a history of political divisions and borders, as well as historical claims to the territory, it calls for a peaceful coexistence and sensitive diplomacy which will enable an accepted agreement. Jerusalem is a prize which, for thousands of years, has been fought over. Israeli’s and Palestinians live side-by-side in the Old City, each claiming that Jerusalem belongs to them. There is no judgment that can be given, there is no right or wrong answer to the problem. For this issue to be solved, both sides must give concessions to each other, and truly feel the …show more content…

And less than a mile away is the Church of the Holy Sepulcher, the site of Christ’s burial and resurrection.

The struggle for ownership of the city intensified many years later at the end of the war, when Britain had total control of Palestine. The Balfour Declaration issued in 1917, included in the British mandate of Palestine, called for the idea of a Jewish homeland in Palestine. However, the Arabs believed that Palestine would be created an independent state by helping the British in the campaign against the Ottoman empire. Unfortunately, the British did not include this in their plans. They did set up a separate Arab state in 1921, which is now Jordan. However, the remainder of the Palestinian territory wished for independence. After World War II, Holocaust survivors flooded into Palestine and Jerusalem, and a partition by the United Nations was established.In November 1947, the British mandate ended, and Palestine was partitioned into Jewish and Arab states with Jerusalem as an international city. The Arabs did not agree to this plan, as they were intent on preventing any Jewish control in the area. However, Israel defended itself, and by 1949, it had joined the United Nations, and been recognized by more than 50 governments around the world.

In a series of “battles” in 1949 with Egypt, Jordan, Syria, and Lebanon, Israel established borders like those of Palestine during the British mandate. In 1967, the Six-Day War, Israel launched

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