The Plo As The Palestinian Sovereign

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The Legitimacy of the PLO as the Palestinian Sovereign
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Palestine has a right, under international and natural law, to self-determination under the borders which existed prior to Israel’s formation in 1948. The natural governing authority of the new Palestinian State to be formed within these borders is the Palestinian Authority (PLO) currently led by Mahmoud Abbas. Given that land was stolen from Palestinian natural sovereignty via actions taken by Israel in wars which Palestine proper was not a participant to, Israel must also pay reparations to the Palestinian State as well as its citizens so as to compensate for the crimes-against-humanity which it has committed over the course of the last several decades. Cemented by the renunciation of violence which the PLO has undertaken, Palestinians can no longer be held accountable for the actions of Hamas and other terrorist groups, and an independent Palestinian state commits to joining the War on Terror righteously fought by Israel and its allies.
The Minimal Acceptable Borders of a Palestinian State Beginning with the minimal acceptable borders of a Palestinian State, these must be congruent with the original United Nations Settlement plan put forth by the UN prior to Israeli conquest in 1949 With Rowntree et al. (2014) noting that the original 1948 borders of Israel were already in violation of the proposed United Nations Settlement, Israel’s borders are

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