Happy New Year Essay

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Happy New Year! May you have real peace of mind, lasting joy and steadfast love of family and friends the whole year through and many more years to come!

Many people like to count down to welcome the New Year, but I have stopped attending countdown parties for years and always wonder why people love the countdown. Maybe it is the euphoria that drinks and partying bring; maybe it is the kindred spirits, goodwill and companionship; maybe it is the opportunity to start afresh and set goals not attained in the previous years. Whatever the reason, the New Year seems to be a time that gives us high hopes and aspirations, a time to ponder a time to endeavour.

It seems ironic, however, that we never want to count down the days of our life. Many of us live as if we will live forever whereas the harsh reality is that most of us are going to expire by 100 years, which is 36,500 days and 52,560,000 minutes. 52 million seems a big but still a finite number, and as I get older, I have
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I would like to contend, on the other hand, that reminding ourselves of our ‘expiry date’ is the most positive way to live because we are likely to live with fewer regrets, less hatred and much more…show more content…
Incongruously, we don’t apply the same attitude to our daily life. We may have to toil in the workplace for many hours, but many of us also spend hours doing things that don’t really yield any real satisfaction – excessive hours of electronic games or TV, binge drinking, frequently checking the ‘likes’ of our posts on Facebook, just to name a few. Maybe we should ask ourselves if these things really matter to us if our life journey is going to finish in a few
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