Harley Davidson Case Study

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The company Harley Davidson was discovered by William S. Harley and Arthur Davidson when they designed their first motorcycle in 1903. The first dealership opened in Chicago in 1904. The mission of Harley Davidson is “We ride with our customers and apply this deep connection in every market we serve to create superior value for all of our stakeholders.” Some of the components of an effective mission statement are incorporated within the mission statement. These components include the customer aspect, because the statement mentions the customer. Another is the market because the statement states that the company strives to create a superior value in every market in which it serves. The company also has a value statement that can probably…show more content…
The company primarily targeted older men 4. Possibilities of increase in competitors entering the market 5. The average of customers is 42 years old and its growing 6. Some competitors have larger financial resources Internal Strengths and Weaknesses The strengths of Harley-Davidson include: 1. The company is very profitable in customization of the bikes. 2. The company is the only major heavyweight manufacturer of bikes in the United States. 3. The HOG (Harley Owners Group) is the largest motorcycle sponsored organization. 4. The company operates in two segments, the motorcycle & related products and Harley-Davidson Financial Services. 5. The company has a very strong brand name 6. The company is also known for its customer loyalty The weaknesses of Harley-Davidson include: 1. The company is known for its high prices. 2. The production quality of the company is high. 3. The market share is decreasing in foreign countries. 4. The company has not expanded into India markets. Managerial Suggestion Harley-Davidson is a company that should use the support if its customers to grow and improve. The customers of Harley-Davidson are very loyal. Unlike its competitors, many customers have tattooed the name or logo of the company on their bodies to show their support. Therefore, Harley Davidson should really build on that and use it to their advantage. In addition, to the loyalty of the

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