Harley Davidson Inc Business Overview

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Harley Davidson Inc
Since its introduction in the market (1903), Harley Davidson Inc. has experienced mixed fortunes in their production process. The company started as a monopoly until at a time when the Asian companies such as Honda emerged strongly in the market (1973). This strong competition presented by the Asian companies has forced the company to modify its production process in order to achieve its mission and vision statements. Even though the company has experienced stiff competition throughout the year, it still has popular following around the world. Some competitors include Kawasaki, Yamaha, and Suzuki, Indian, Victory, BMW and Triumph motorcycles showing that the company has applied a unique strategic management in order to remain relevant in the market. The background of the company triggers the thesis statement of this article: "proper strategic management is the key to coping with a stiffer competition in the market".
HD's mission, values and vision
Every company needs to establish its mission statement in its endeavor to remain profitable in the market. The mission statement helps in describing the general purpose of the organization consequently making the company to stick to its scope. The mission of the company: we ride with our customers and apply this deep connection in every market we serve to create superior value for all our stakeholders (Harley Davidson, 2012). The mission of the company encompasses good relation with the
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