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1) Segementation(2*2 matrix) and Targeting
Segmenting the Dominite market by end-use applications of cermaic tile and paint by large and small-to medium comapnies

2) Sales Organization changes:
Dominite is currently trying to sell to both large and small companies. It is economical in the long run to sell to large customers directly and to small companies through a agents or distributors. In the future to sell and to service large customers
Dominite should setup a key account program.

Dominite customer relations and sales for the long term can be improved not only by product services, technical assistance and joint product development but also by advetising with customers jointly,financing their purchases and by entertaining
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VAlue added position shouldn't be looked just from a cost-plus prespective, as this approach doesn't ensure that a product can be produced or maintained profitability. Also it's important to understand to how to produce a value added product when market forces can effect the value added.

DOminite's given special properties and their competitve price as comapred to talc gives a value added feature for customers looking for saving manufacuring costs and by not reducing the quality. Dominite can add value to customers by supplying custome grade dominite at a special price.
Dominite should also price its self based in the value to the customer not the cost to produce it. Dominite should differentiate it self from the competition by offering excellent sales and service. This includes all the R&D work Dominite is doing for its customers and also conducting additional R&D to make new products from Dominite. This effort is a long term maketing strategy donot differentiate from the competition. Dominite R&D also should educate its customers technical by providing the uses of
Dominite in the customers final products. And also it needs a continous feed back process from it's customers on any problems dealing with Dominite quality and performance, inorder to trouble shoot and offer new product invoation.

Dominite's pricing strategy of list prices for various Dominite grades should be changed to a volume
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