Harriet Tubman Contribution

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The 19th century was a time when the first big steps toward abolition and women’s rights were taken in the United States. These particular steps began with the Second Great Awakening. Since the Second Great Awakening was a religious movement, its main goal was to encourage ethical behavior. These encouragements lead to the increase of the belief of equality among people. Although many people opposed the idea of equality, those who did support the idea continued to strive toward achieving their goal: the establishment of equality in society and law. An individual who put forth an immense amount of effort to achieve these goals was Harriet Tubman. Harriet Tubman was a significant individual in US history due to her contribution in the Civil Rights…show more content…
As a nurse, she made a remedy she had learned while she lived in Maryland which helped save a numerous amount of people that suffered from dysentery. Tubman also offered her services to soldiers and newly freed slaves in South Carolina. As a spy, she would disguise herself as an old woman and wondered the streets of many towns under Confederate control. As Harriet Tubman wondered, she would encounter many people who were still enslaved. The slaves she encountered “willingly provided a wealth of information concerning troop placements and supply lines” (Harriet Tubman c. 1820 – 1913). Apart from her regular work as a spy, during one occasion, Tubman joined Colonel James Montgomery “in an assault on several plantations along the Combahee River” (Harriet Tubman: Underground Railroad “Conductor”, Nurse, Spy). During this mission, she helped over seven-hundred people gain their freedom. Harriet Tubman’s assistance during the Civil War contributed to the victory of the Union and resulted in the abolishment of slavery. Although the victory of the Union did not completely establish equality, it was a major step forward toward equality. Because of this, Americans in today’s society do not live segregated by law, are seen equal by the law, and the practice of slavery is no longer
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