Essay about What Does It Mean to be an Adult?

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There are many factors that constitute being an adult. An adult is much more than turning the age of 18. The definition in the dictionary states an adult means being completely grown: fully developed and mature. I think there is much more that defines an adult. In the United States an adult is considered to be someone who takes responsibility of themselves and their actions. An adult has stability in their life and is able to take care of themselves physically, mentally, financially and emotionally. In other countries and cultures there definition of an adult differs. Adults are unique in many ways. Every person is an entity having their own identity, thought process, and way they see things. We all have different morals and …show more content…

As a young child, education is crucial for survival skills. Your education begins when you are an infant. Your parents teach you your first step to talking by babbling at you and making funny sounds. In grade school, teachers educate you to compute basic math facts and learning to read and write. During your high school years, you obtain an education to prepare you for college. Some high school students prepare themselves learning a vocational trait. Education is a privilege and a necessity.
Originally from Lindeman, E. (1926). The Meaning of Adult Education. New York: New Republic, 6.
"Education is life--not a mere preparation for an unknown kind of future living…The whole of life is learning; therefore, education can have no ending. This new venture is called adult education--not because it is confined to adults but because adulthood, maturity defines its limits." (Lindeman, E.1926p.6) Adult Education is the practice and teaching of adults. The purpose of adult education is to significantly help humankind by properly preparing adults to more effectively, efficaciously, realistically, and wisely line the epochal markers in earthly existence. Lindeman believed it is a broad and grand purpose. Adult education is implemented for a purpose and takes place in a formal, organized setting. The adult learning process can take place in a classroom, the workplace, college or university. There are various reasons why one may choose to become an adult

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