Harry Potter 's Life Has Been Influenced By The Choices Of Albus Dumbledore

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Since the beginning of the series, Harry Potter’s life has been influenced by the choices of Albus Dumbledore. Everything that has happened to Harry has occurred because of Dumbledore, but does that make him purely Dumbledore’s boy or is he his own person with agency to do as he wants? After Voldemort murdered Harry’s parents, Dumbledore decided to bring baby Harry to his aunt and uncles because “they’re the only family he has left now,” and he feels “it’s the best place for him” (Sorcerer’s Stone). Dumbledore is the one that decided to send him to his relatives that underfed him, gave him only a closet, hand me down clothes, become their servant, and be bullied by his cousin Dudley. Later we learn Dumbledore sent him there because of the protection of his family since his aunt was his mother’s sister. The protection meant if Voldemort came back and tried to attack Harry in his aunt and uncle’s home he wouldn’t be able to touch Harry there, but that doesn’t justify the actions of his aunt and uncle. For eleven years, Harry was left in the dark about his parents and magic. Dumbledore was the first person to ever show Harry any sort of positive emotion or caring attribute, which could lead to Harry becoming the servant of Dumbledore. In the Sorcerer’s stone, Dumbledore gave Harry the invisibility cloak. He left it with a note saying, “your father left this in my possession before he died. Use it well” (Sorcerer’s Stone). Dumbledore giving Harry the cloak is crucial to the…
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