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Harry S. Truman was the 33rd President of the United States. Born on May 8, 1884, in Lamar, Missouri, he was the oldest of three children. Truman had no middle name. His parents apparently gave him the middle initial “S” to appease two family relatives.
At age six, his family moved to Independence, Missouri, where he attended Sunday school. There he met five year-old Elizabeth Wallace, with whom he later fell in love with. Beginning school at age eight, Truman modeled thick glasses to correct his poor eyesight. Fortunately, his eyesight did not seriously interfere with his two favorite pastimes, music and reading. He woke up early everyday to practice the piano and visited a music teacher twice a week, until …show more content…

In April of 1919, Truman returned home, now as a major. On June 28th of the same year, he married Elizabeth Wallace, his Sunday school love.
Truman decided to spark his political career. So he started by entering a four way Democratic primary for a judgeship, which was essentially a job supervising roads and buildings. His popularity was expected to increase if he got the support of the Ku Klux Klan, but Truman turned down this idea. Even so, by campaigning his wartime record and his past history, Truman won the primary of the election. In January of 1923, he was sworn into his first public office. One year later his only daughter, Mary Margaret, was born. During his time as a judge, he improved roads and reduced the inherited debt. By staying interested in the National Guard, he was promoted to colonel.

Next, Truman tested his luck in the Senate. After a long and hard battle, Truman defeated a Republican opponent with the help of the New Deal. In January of 1935, he was sworn in as a Senator from Missouri. His arrival in Washington was met with disdain. Colleagues didn’t think he was working for himself, and he was reviewed by White House authorities. Fortunately, by using his knowledge in history and government, he was finally recognized and appointed to two important committees.
Finally, the government finished their

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