Hate Crimes Should Be Abolished

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Hate crimes should be abolished to due to the fact that these types of crimes only occur when someone or their property is attacked by another for the sole reason of discrimination and hate and may not be limited to an individual’s race, racial group, and religion, sexual orientation, ethnicity or gender identity. Hate crimes come in many forms such as images that depict hate, hate speech and the threat of physical harm. Sometimes crimes of hate occur because of a perceived threat of one group of people based on the actions of others. Other times they occur simply because a person doesn’t like a certain person or racial group. There are organizations that even encourage hate and discrimination.
A hate crime occurs when a person intentionally selects a victim because of their race, skin color, religion, national origin, ethnicity, gender or sexual orientation. Hate crimes can be committed by any individual regardless of their background, race or social class. The term hate crime is meant to differentiate criminal behavior that is caused by prejudice from behavior that is motivated by greed jealously, anger, politics and like. Hate groups differ from one another in terms of membership, ideology and activities but do share one thing in common; they direct violence towards and against groups of people they do not understand. Most people committing hate crimes feel they are just doing what they believe to be right not knowing what they are doing is wrong. Hate crimes have been

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