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Haute Cuisine has been characterized by French cuisine, and modernized in every era. On June eighth, 1784 a revolutionary French cook was born Marie- Antoine Carème, also known as Antonin Crème. Antonin would inevitably be known as “The king of chefs, and chef of kings”. Antonin’s beginning would not be easy like a kings, his training would lead him to cook magnificently, and he would affect society for centuries with his amazing talent. Antonin was born in Paris, France, where he had been abandoned by his parents at the height of the French Revolution. He would begin his career as a kitchen boy at a Parisian chop-house, in exchange for room and bored. His love of cooking would break ground at the chop-house. Starting in 1798 Antonin …show more content…
He made his confections with sugar, marzipan, and pastry modeling them after famous architectural structures. Antonin would do odd cooking jobs for French diplomats, and other Parisian high society like Napolean. He eventually switched to main courses while apprenticing with Charles Maurice de Talleyrand-Perigord who would. Antonin accomplished Talleyrand’s course in his kitchen while cooking for Napolean, leading to many other famous guests to cook for. After Napolean’s fall, Antonin went to London where he would cook for Prince Regent, later George IV. His career led him to Saint Petersburg to cook for Tsar Alexander I, and shortly after leading back to Paris to cook for James Mayer Rothschild. Antonin would be known as the creator of the Haute cuisine. The success of a career would alter dining in style forever. Antonin’s amazing design for food would create an elegance and standard for French cooking. Placing food cohesively on a plate and coordinating the look of the table the chefs would use for centuries to come. In any high end resturaunt the same techniques that Antonin had used to attract customers chef’s today use to attract customers. Not only by making delicious food, but by presenting them as a form of art appealing to the eye. Today’s society shows these forms not only in the resuraunt, but on television shows such as Top Chef, Julia Childs, and in catering businesses. Many non-professional chefs use his

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