Have You Ever Run Into Someone Who Believes In A Silly

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Have you ever run into someone who believes in a silly dating myth? Do you yourself have a few misconceptions of the online dating world? Maybe you want to set the record straight, or maybe you 're just interested to know what most people believe of online dating? Sit back and relax as we uncover the three most popular online dating myths, and stop them in their tracks! Online Dating Myth #1: People Who Use The Internet To Date Are 'Losers ' Who Can 't Get a Real Date This is one of the most common and disgusting myths about online dating. How can anyone even think that, after all? It 's simply not true! There are millions and millions of average, everyday people who, for one reason or another, aren 't with anyone. They 're looking …show more content…

You simply can 't argue with those statistics! And don 't you think, if the entire online dating industry was a scam, someone would be plastering it everywhere? Online Dating Myth #3: It 's Too Expensive to Date Online You 'll hear people whine all the time about how the best websites charge, and how you don 't feel that you should pay just to connect with other singles... well, you do have to pay for a membership. And then you basically get access to connect with millions of other single users! Finding a 'traditional ' date costs, too, you know. Going to a bar will cost you a drink, going on a blind date will cost you a meal, and even just meeting someone at a completely random place costs you some amount of money. Don 't be fooled into thinking it 's free! Plus, let 's say you go on two dates with one person. That 's $40 a meal, $80 for both dates, plus $10 in gas for both dates, $20 for a movie for the first date, $35-$50 for the second date at the mall, the beach, an amusement park... you 're looking at $150, at the very least, for just two dates! Being able to connect and get to know hundreds of new people is worth a little bit of your money - and the fact that you have to pay often wards off scammers who just want to take your money, and fake profiles. So, What Have We Learned? If you take nothing else away from this, remember: Everyday, average people use dating sites - not just desperate losers. Online dating is very safe,

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