Haynes And Associates: Leadership Requirements For Organizational Management

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According to (2008) leadership competencies are leadership skills and behaviors that contribute to superior performance. Hence, management will need leaders with varied talents and skillsets to assist employee in attaining their organizational goals if they endeavor to become more effective in their business environment. To be a competent leader one should possess skills such as effective communication, people management, time management and coaching skills among other things (Ford, 2014). Haynes & Associates, in trying to meet the leadership requirement used the situational analysis and the five steps Gap Model to indicate the current leadership requirement. Leadership Requirements for Organizational Direction
An analysis of Haynes & Associates reflects that its current leadership requirements is effective however, there is need for improvement.

Communication Skills: Communication is a very important element in successful organizations. Effective communication with clients can and will have a vast impact on the …show more content…

They not only influence job performance but they also help to determine the outcome of a company's success (, 2015). Honing interpersonal skills in a law firm/professional environment is very important as employees are expected to work closely with their colleagues and clients for most of the day. In a professional environment success is dependent upon all members of staff trying to capitalize on their personal strengths, thus minimizing their weaknesses (Moore, 2013). Although Haynes & Associates is indeed a small firm there is no indication that the interpersonal skills among employees, managers and leaders are

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