Chief Koby's Management Style

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Effective leaders opt to implement a specific type of leadership style as a result of their personalities and job experiences, and apply it to their organizational structure. However, that particular type of leadership style a leader utilizes may not apply to every job situation (Peak et al., 2010). In order to be an effective leader, an individual must acquire the three basic leadership skills and they are as follows: (1) human relations; (2) conceptual skills; and (3) technical skills (Haberfeld, 2013). Additionally, a skillful leader must also be proficient in motivating, communicating, and problem solving (Hess & Orthmann, 2012).
This case study will briefly explore the concepts of the contingency theory, and how it could have been applied to Chief Koby’s management style. The chief’s leadership and management style has greatly affected his organization as a whole. It is also noted that he was severely criticized for mishandling the controversial murder case of Jonbenet Ramsey, along with two other high profile incidents which will be discussed in this case study (Haberfeld, 2013).
Tom Koby started his law enforcement career with the Houston Police Department in 1969, and rose through the ranks to his last positon with the department as an assistant chief in 1987 (Haberfeld, 2013). In May of 1991, Tom Koby was offered a position as Chief of Police with the Boulder Police Department in Colorado, and was specifically hired on because of his

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