Hc A Influence On Healthcare

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HCA’s History Hospital Corporation of Americ (hca) HAS A PWERFUL INFLUENCE ON HEALTHCARE IN America. Founded in 1968 by three men, Dr. Thomas Frist Sr MD, Thomas Frist Jr, MD and Jack Massey Dr, “is on of the largest for profit healthcare providers in the world,” says Bob Herman (2014). The headquater for HCA is in Nashville, Tennessee. The first hospital by HCA Park View Hospital in Nashville, with a scope to expand, and subsequently generating the hospital institutin, HCA. Mnay mergers and transactions moulded the company, and in 1994 HCA merged with another hospital comanpy, Columbia, creating “350 hospitals and 145 ambulatory surgery centers,” (cite), at the time, Rick Scott, now Florida governor, was CEO and chairman. In 2006,…show more content…
The role of HCA is delivering quality healthcare to the American commnity and in London, is accredited by the company’s income, assets, expenditures gains and cash flow. Yearly cash flow is reflected by HCA operations, investments and financial operations. Income Statement Analysis “An income statement measures the performance over some period of time, usually a quarter or a year”, states the authors of Essentials of Corporate Finance. (Ross, Westerfield, Bradford 2014, p. 27). There are three aspects of an income statement that a financial manager needs to keep in mind when analyzing the numbers; GAAP, cash versus noncash item, and time and costs. GAAP will show revenue when it accrues. According to the authors of Essentials of Corporate Finance, “The general rule is to recognize revenue when the earnings process is virtually complete and the value of an exchanges of goods or services is known or can be reliably determined” (Ross, Westerfield, Bradford 2014 p. 28). As some production costs of items produced are made on credit, the revenue on that item will not be recognized until the sale of that item occurs; any other costs incurred in assembling that product will also not be recognized until the time of its sale (Ross, Westerfield, Bradford 2014 p.28- 29). With this situation occurring, the income statement might not be able to represent all the
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