The Jackson Memorial Health System: BCG Matrix Analysis

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Introduction The Jackson Memorial Health System is based in Miami. This not-for-profit, county run organization has multiple sites, the main one being Jackson Memorial Hospital. The hospital has over 1550 licensed beds and is a teaching facility for the medical school at the University of Miami (JHS Miami, 2012). While the JHS has a number of different programs and facilities, it is important from the perspective of central management to understand the position that each has in the marketplace. JHS has a significant market share, as it is the largest hospital in Miami-Dade County. Its size and its mandate to serve the residents of the country regardless of ability to pay ensures a strong customer flow and substantial market share. The hospital's total revenue for the latest fiscal year was $4.8 billion, and on this it lost $34 million, an amount the county covers through a sales tax levy (Becker's, 2012). BCG Matrix One tool that can help an organization to understand its competitive positioning is the BCG Matrix. This matrix is based on the product life cycle theory and is typically used to help organizations make decisions about what products or services should be given priority over scarce resources (VBM, 2012). In analyzing Jackson's portfolio it is important to bear in mind that not all services are going to be in any one category. With a hospital this large and diversified, there will be things in which it is especially strong and things in which it is especially

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