He Drown She In The Sea Essay

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The non-fiction book with 26 different stories: Beyond Belief and fiction: He Drown She in the Sea are two captivating books with characters who are lost and confused in life, one depending on their religion and another on their love life. Shani Mootoo and Kami Ostman both writing about characters being discriminated for who they are and what they want to be. True love for women in extreme religions in Beyond Belief and true love for one another in He Drown She in the Sea. Although Beyond Belief and He drown she in the sea share very similar characters, they differ greatly in terms of story and theme.
Characters from both books are uncomfortable with who they are. They feel unwanted and therefore can not open up about their true self. In
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While Dolly was working at Mrs Sangha’s house, Harry would make himself at home and comfortable playing with Rose and her toys. According to Dolly, “too comfortable”. She punished herself for his son acting like that in their house. She knew that their furniture and everything they owned was expensive therefore she felt horrible when Harry would sit on the couch with dirty clothes. She did not believe in herself, she thought she was poor and forever will be and everyone would have power over her. “I want juice. Give me juice, please” (said Harry) Dolly eyed a jug in the refrigerator. A glass of it would cool her down good… But her child was comfortable enough for the both of them in that house.” (Mootoo 125). She doubted herself and felt like an outsider. This relates to the story of Donna M. Johnson who also felt like an outsider. One of the most interesting story comes from her. She grew up in the path of a traveling evangelist and charismatic faith healer with whom her mother secretly had three children. Initially escaping by way of an early marriage and while going through a divorce, alcohol, drug addiction, and chronic illness, Donna is drawn back to the group on-and-off. But she had this isolating vision of the image of the revival tent. The tent pulled in everyone. She watched the people dancing and waving their arms, they came all together as one except her. “A vision that haunted, inspired, and remained with me through years of…show more content…
That is Narine Sangha daughter. You and me is yard-boy material. She is the bossman daughter. Oil and water. Never the two shall mix. You too young to know what I am saying... she will grow up pretty… But girls like she does only make fellas like we cry…” (Mootoo, 138). He said that because Rose comes from a wealthy family and her parents want her to be with a wealthy man as well. Harry is really poor and so the gardener tells him to not have high hopes because it's not going to work out. He also said that she is Narine Sangha’s daughter, meaning that they are much more wealthier than him and his family. They were so wealthy that their family name was spread all across town so everyone knew them. Again this is judging people financially. The gardener had two reasons. First, he knew that they were poor and second he knew that Mr and Mrs Sangha expects more from Rose. Unlike Harry who was too young to understand, Pamela Helberg’s religion had conflicts over sex and sexuality, usually treated with shame and visions of hellfire. When her father finds out about her relationship with another girl, he brings her to the office of her pastor, where the both of them pray, speak in tongues and ask the demons to leave her now. “Cast these demons of homosexuality out, to let our good lord and Savior in to heal your wounded soul” (Ostman, 132). She had to convert into another religion because her’s wouldn't accept homosexuality. In her religion it was a sin to
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