Health And Care Professions Council: A Case Study

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This study aims to discuss social work discipline and how the regulatory body, the Health, and Care Professions Council (HCPC) maintains standards in care and in the same manner seek to protect the public. The writer will begin by defining the key words in the assignment, like social work discipline, Regulation, Brief history and function of Health and Care Professions Council will be discussed. Some areas of practice regulated by HCPC like Treating Service users with care and respect, challenging discrimination, maintaining appropriate boundaries, working with partners, maintaining Confidentiality, as well personal and professional behaviour will be discussed in detail. Finally, this assignment will also look at vulnerable people. It will…show more content…
HCPC has some pre-described standards for their behavior, performance, and ethics. HCPC expect their registrants to behave and work by the set standards of conduct, performance, and ethics. McLaughlin, Leigh, and Worsley (2016) says that HCPC was recognised in 2012 to provide a regulated coding system for describing the specific items and services provided in the delivery of health care. Furthermore, (HCPC 2016) currently regulates sixteen professions such as art therapists, orthoptists, clinical scientists, paramedics, hearing aid dispensers and others. Registrants of health and care professional council operate in a variety of domains such as direct practices for programs, management, education, research, and roles in industry. Registrants also work with different people such as patients, clients, caretakers and other professionals. According to (HCPC, 2016), There are some rules and regulations which are followed by the registrants under the HCPC Standards of Conduct Performance and Ethics (SCPE), and if anyone is aggrieved by the treatment received from a registrant, he or she can lodge a complaint under the SCPE. If anyone is a caretaker, then He or she can also get help from these standards. In the case of any concern with the services of a registrant or where he or she did not meet up to the standard that is required, they can be summoned through fitness to practice hearing where it can result to a registrant being struck off (HCPC 2016; HCPC 2013 in McLaughlin, Leigh and Brown,2016). HCPC takes serious matters into action which are from its domain and that is concerned with health and care professional knowledge, skills, and behavior (HCPC, 2016). The body also conduct standards, performance, and ethics to take decisions whether an action should be taken or not for public protection (HCPC, 2016). If an
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