Requirements And Current Standards Of Regulations For Professionals Within Health And Social Care Sectors

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As part of my HNC assignment. I will look to explain the requirements and current standards of regulations for professionals within health and social care sectors, I will focus primarily on the nursing profession with the discussion of social workers. Professional education and registration When looking at professional education both nurses and social workers require degree level education, however, there are differences in the entry requirements for each and both courses differ in length. Regardless, of what type of nursing you want to do a student nurses study for 3 years in total, the entry requirement for the BSc nursing courses are BBC in higher education. (, 2017). On Successful completion of the course, students are …show more content…

Professional values can be found within the new national care standards; it is important when providing services that social worker treat individuals with dignity and respect, show compassion, ensure the privacy of the clients and provide choice to the individuals. (, 2017) Codes of conduct The NMC were set up by the UK government in 2002 to regulate nursing and midwifery professionals in the UK, the main aim of the NMC is the protection of the public. The NMC’s revised code became effective in 2015, the code sets out standards for good practice and behaviour that all nurses and midwives adhere to. The new Code puts patients and service users at the heart of practice with the intention of better protecting the public. (, 2015). The SSSC provides both social care workers and employers with codes of practice, these codes provide guidance and standards to which workers and employers should meet. Forming from the Regulation of Care (Scotland) Act 2001, the SSSC was established with an aim of protecting the user of services and setting standards that professionals are required to adhere to. (User, 2017) Continuing professional development (CPD) CPD is a legal requirement for all Health and Social care professionals, not only is it a requirement for registration, it also improves and develops skills and knowledge needed to maintain standards and provide the best quality of care. CPD is part of the new NMC revalidation process which

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