Health And Safety Policies And Procedures

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When we work with children, our career is likely to involve close working with other agencies. Multi-agency working is an effective way of supporting children and families with additional needs. Multi-agency working brings together practitioners from different areas and professions within the workforce to provide integrated support to children and their families, for example a ‘team around the child’. It is an effective way of supporting children with additional needs and helping to secure real improvements in their life outcomes the way different professionals work together in the early years to promote health and safety. You must evaluate the various strategies that are used as well as the effectiveness of the health and safety policies and procedures. This means to work hand in hand with different organisations, professional, colleagues, parent and specialist whereby information sharing is being communicated to each other in order to communicate assessment intervention, a follow-up and that communication should be two ways. This can be classed as different organisation working together to safeguard children and young persons and most of these organisations are funded bodies and businesses .This also means that we need to be established and abide with all the guidelines and to work within the law especially when it regards with children and young person. Common barriers for integrated working and multi- agency working are not everyone will agree on things and different
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