Multi Agency Working

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Multi agency working Multi agency working is an effective way of supporting children and families with additional needs. It brings together practitioners and professionals from different sectors to provide an integrated way of working to support children, young people and families. The Children and Young Peoples Board in Birmingham comprises of different partner agencies and organisations that each have a duty to cooperate under the Children’s Act 2004 in strategic planning, service developments and consideration of emerging issues around children and young people. Partner agencies include: ▪ Birmingham Children’s Safeguarding Board ▪ Education Representatives ▪ Birmingham City Council Representatives ▪ NHS West…show more content…
Getting each practitioner to agree on the right course of action to take whilst all having different budgets creates another problem. Staffing can be considered a barrier to multi agency working because of recruitment problems, finding the right professionals dedicated and committed to the aims and outcomes and finding someone with enough understanding about multi agencies could be difficult. Hanging over these barriers is the subject of time. While these problems are occurring, and with insufficient time allocated to multi agency working activities, it could be likely that decisions are rushed or certain aims and outcomes not met. • Relationship and roles Issues concerning working relationships between professionals could be damaging to the multi agency working process. Professionals should be committed and develop mutual respect and trusting relationship with participants involved. Also the lack of clarity over roles and responsibilities could lead to a lack of leadership. Without leadership and someone to oversee and reason problems such as who to report to and a lack of support may arise. Also the confusion over responsibilities may cause people to make assumptions like “someone else will do it” leading to delays in the process. Multi agency working is a child centred approach and deemed to work well providing the best support to children, young people and families. It provides more benefits because
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