Health And The Individual 's Understanding Of Health Essay

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The definition of health in the dictionary states that it is the general condition of the body or mind with reference to soundness and vigor: good health; poor health. For this essay, three interviews were conducted around the question "what is health or the individual 's understanding of health?" All the interviewee 's answers were along the same lines (note: I changed names to keep confidentiality). However, the interviews are based on people 's perspectives, on their definition of health; it 's not just physical health but mental and spiritual health as well. And for some, relating to the entire family as opposed to the individual. Furthermore, health has changed over the years and has become a more universal term with more meaning. I would argue that the dominant terms of lay perspectives in academic literature on health are different from the views of the people interviewed. In addition, I will discuss the differing views amongst the interviewees, the factors that may account for these differences, and how these views both conform and do not conform to findings in the academic literature on lay or amateur perspectives of health. So how do the dominate terms of lay perspectives in academic literature show how lay people define health? From a research perspective, "A number of studies found that lay people define health as the absence of illness" (R. Williams, 1983; Calnan, 1987; Herzlich and Pierret, 1987; McKague and Verhoef, 2003). Thus they are saying that being

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