Health Benefits And Side Effects On The Consumption Of Coffee

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Introduction The consumption of coffee is an essential staple to start an early morning in the United States and worldwide (Freedman et al. 2012). Like coffee, caffeine is a component that also can be present in energy drinks, tea, and pre-workout supplements. But to be specific, coffee, according to statistics has over 150 million people who drink an average of 3.2 cups of coffee daily, which means that about 400 million cups of coffee every day is consumed. (Patil et al. 2011) For some people they cannot go on with their day without starting with a cup of coffee or tea which has the active ingredient which is caffeine. Caffeine is also known as a psychoactive drug which means that by consuming this drug it can affect a person’s brain…show more content…
Active Ingredient in Coffee Coffee contains many different molecules that are usually formed during the roasting process, also known as the brewing process. The essential component in coffee is caffeine. Caffeine is a major component of coffee that provides the majority of it in a US diet (Einöther & Giesbrecht, 2012). An average 8 oz. of coffee would contain between 100-180 mg of caffeine depending on the coffee bean and type of roast used. In comparison to decaffeinated drinks, an 8 ounce cup contains significantly lower milligrams of caffeine which is about 5 to 15 mg. (Patil, Lavie, & O’Keefe, 2011). In addition to caffeine, coffee also contains “chlorogenic” acid that can help reduce blood sugars of those people with Type II Diabetes. (Van Dam & Feskens, 2002) Therefore since the active ingredients in coffee are caffeine and chlorogenic acid, then one can now analyze next the health benefits of the consumption of coffee.
Health Benefits/Methods Coffee is a psychoactive drug that affects the body biologically and cognitively (Smith, 2008). A study done by Patil, Lavie, & O’Keefe (2011), show that there are common health benefits with the consumption of coffee which would include prevention of diabetes type 2, depression, improved cognitive health, and even Alzheimer’s disease. Coffee is also known for helping with weight loss and reduction of inflammation because of the presence of certain antioxidants within the cup
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