Essay on Health Care Consumerism: New Marketing Trend

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The number of Americans who has health insurance has been declining over the years and the cost of health care has dramatically been on the rise. Most people did not fully understand their coverage and the health system did not give enough choices; instead, employers and providers had full control over plans, cost, preferences, and many other options. While the cost was on the rise, quality of service was either the same or declining. All these factors plus many others have made it imminent for the health care system, especially health care marketing, to evolve to the new trend of health care consumerism. So, what is health care consumerism and what good does it do? Leading factors Health care consumerism is a new step forward towards …show more content…

This is consistent with Winan and Kasubski (2011) vision of the global shifting towards consumerism and Cohen, Grote, Pietrazek, and Laflamme (2010) end of managed care era. Nevertheless, since patients are not familiar with the process yet, accepting the change will be slow and benefits might not be directly seen at the soon future (Cohen, Grote, Pietrazek, & Laflamme, 2010), In this regards, Thompson and Culter (2010) recommend integrating health initiatives into business strategy, offer attractive incentives, introduce group decision-making models, facilitate new technology usage, and development of new strategies that consider short and long term goals. Effect of health care consumerism on health care leadership The new era dictates fundamental changes at every level throughout the health system. Leadership, in particular, has to be open minded and be directly involved in the change Cohen, Grote, Pietrazek, and Laflamme (2010). Therefore, full managerial commitment, direct engagement, and being supportive is essential to build the new cultural evolution into the system. Moreover, Winan and Kasubski (2011) emphasizes the importance of new marketing development that directly targets the patient as well as

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