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Task 1 1.1 Compare your personal values and principles of support for working in health and social care In the health and social care field, the performance of an individual at work is very much influenced by the Personal values of the individual and principles. As this health and social care profession involves a lot of communication and interaction with individuals from different background, it is highly essential for the care workers to have a greater awareness of self values. Inadequate and uneven care rendered results for the uprising issues in this field are mainly because of not realising the importance of personal values by the health care workers. Awareness of one’s own self makes a major contribution in improving personal…show more content…
Clients not coming from my country who received my service as their student nurse were even thankful for the extra care we student nurses gave to them and told us “there are no better nurses than Indians”. Organisationally speaking, cultural values common in our team as a group of student nurse is the holistic care. It is something that all of us tend to keep since we are aware on how care is not being delivered in every aspect of the person because of the issues such as work overload. Due to the united goal that all of us had we were able to successfully supplement the missing portions of care given by the nurse. 1.3 Discuss the impacts of changes and new developments in legislation and personal values on work in health and social care. The new legislation and its concern help care workers in understanding the cultural diversity different ethnic background which is widening at present. By framing one common law, the clashes and stress based on the differences between various groups in the workplace can be minimised. The anti discrimination act preserves the rights of those people having a different race, gender, physical disabilities and those which are placed under vulnerability status due to the risk of identity exposure when undergoing a certain treatment or care. By providing rules like this enables

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