Nvq 3 Health and Social Care Unit 2 Essay

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Pia George NVQ Health and Social Care Unit 2: Engage in Personal Development in Health and Social Care Settings 1.1 & 1.2 My job requires that I am personally responsible to uphold the statement of values in all areas of my work. I have to provide emotional and educational support and demonstrate a caring attitude towards others which is based on respect dignity and equality. I plan organise and implement activities within my service, following risk assessments. I, as with any member of staff am involved in the planning and delivering of learning programmes which support personal and behavioural change, with direction and support from my senior. I maintain communication with other members of staff regarding individuals, sharing…show more content…
2.3 We all have our own values, how important we think something is. E.g. honesty, and how important people think it is - very important, quite important, not important. Belief systems, religious beliefs, cultural norms etc, and experiences, our background and upbringing, events that affect the way we think. Not everyone sees things as we do and we might not agree with others. However, when working with people whose beliefs differ from our own, we must feel that our beliefs and values are being respected in order to reciprocate. Honesty is something I value in another person, and I have struggled with service users who haven’t been honest about something. I have tried hard to understand the reasons why someone would not be honest with me. Usually after I have spoken to another member of staff, and heard their input and theories I can begin to see why and move on from the incident. 3.1 & 4.1 My Senior - She helps me by answering any concerns I have about work. We have regular supervisions, where we set targets and goals for the coming month and sometimes beyond, these are reviewed at the following supervision. Our Head of Service comes in to speak to me about my role. She will advise and support me with my performance and
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